Set the mood for an at-home spa night.

You’ve blocked out an hour or two, an early night or late morning for some me time. You’ve decided to indulge in a a home spa or facial, give your skin the attention it deserves, or maybe it’s just going to be a long shower and a glass of wine. Whatever it is, here’s how to supercharge your me-time by setting the mood:

1. Light up

Lighting has a really strong effect on mood. When you’re ready to start, turn out the lights, close the shades if it’s day time and light some candles. Light enough so you can see easily and spread them around the room or bathroom where you’ll be so that you can easily grab one if you need to see better. One more thing to be mindful of is electronic lights, which don’t have the same soft light as flames. you  might want to turn off your computer screen, TV, even phone. 

2. Hear the music

Find a spa music playlist online. There are many on YouTube or Spotify that will run for a couple hours, and set up your computer, or iPod to play. Most spa music is without lyrics, and is very instrumental in bringing about a state of relaxation. Set your screen, or laptop to turn dark while continuing to play if you don’t want the computer light to remain on.

3. Smell the roses

There are a few ways to get the ‘spa smell’ at home. Scented candles is one option especially if you’re lighting them anyway. For a natural freshener you can make a DIY spray with one of your favorite smells. Here’s the recipe for eucalyptus: Combine 2 cups water with 20 drops eucalyptus oil in a spray bottle. Eucalyptus oil, and similar products for a variety of scents, can be found at some drug stores and at most health or health food stores like Vitamine Shoppe or Whole Foods.

4. Have a snack

You don’t want to be hungry while you’re relaxing, so eat a light wholesome snack  – something that will fill you up but won’t weigh tyou down like nuts, fruit and whole grains, or a juice drink. 

5. Unplug

If you can, unplug from all your electronics (besides your music!). No texts, facebook, phone calls, reminders, emails, whether they’re from work or friends. It will put in the zone, on an island in time so to speak, where nobody can reach you, and you’re alone with the sky, the sea, and whatever you have planned for your at home spa. 


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