Playlists for spa, meditation & yoga

Music is huge for setting the mood. Depending on the style and type of business you’re running – an at home spa service, a day spa, or it’s just you at home – you might be looking for ambient music with no lyrics, or something mellow contemporary. Hopefully, one of these will do.

1. Relaxing classical
75 minutes
Over an hour of classical music that will relax your mind, body and soul.

2. Namaste
90 minutes
A curated list by Spotify for yoga and relaxation. It’s a mix of some indie some pop songs with lyrics about love, youth and modern faith.

3. Kristin McGee’s Yoga Playlist
90 minutes
Kristin McGee is a celebrity yoga, pilates and fitness coach. This mix is a mix of newer favorites and some motivational songs. It isn’t the soothing music you’d want during a deep massage but great for a spa waiting room.

5. Movie soundtracks for meditation
4.5 hours
Long playlist with music from the soundtracks of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and the Secret Garden. This is music that engages the spirit while relaxing the body. Close your eyes and listen. Discover where it takes you.

5. Rachel Brathen Yoga
90 minutes
One more yoga playlist. It has everything from zen notes to Pumped Up Kicks for a well rounded yoga practice.



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