Hashtag No Makeup

Hashtags are more than just labels. They can be used to tag topics and locations but also thoughts, feelings, and little notes. Hashtags like #greatday or #thelittlethings attached to an image give the viewer a context and association by which to interpret it.

Hashtags are also a great way of starting a fun group conversation or trend, and can sometimes be a window into cultural trends. That’s what #nomakeup is. As I’m sure you’ve guessed it’s a hashtag that you attach to a picture of yourself with #nomakeup. Do a search on Instagram and you’ll find feed full of beautiful faces – also lots of duck faces and bathroom mirrors, great hair, bedtime pictures, and selfies.  All the pictures are of course without makeup. Like these:


It’s truly beautiful to see people expressing their natural beauty using a medium that’s often used for just the opposite. In the age of selfies and always being camera-ready it’s more important than ever for people to feel comfortable with themselves, in their own skin.

It’s also a reminder that taking care of  something like your skin which is a part of you should come first. Spend time cleansing and exfoliating rather than covering and coloring if you have to choose between the two.

Many of the pictures are posted together with other hashtags like #natural #pretty #allsmiles and #bedtime. Hopefully that’s because even people who wear makeup every day are without makeup at bedtime.

Kerry Washington, lead actress in Scandal and queen of great skin, recently shared some of the secret behind her great skin. Her number one rule? Never ever go to bed with makeup still on.

Tonight, cleanse away the day’s makeup and grime then take a selfie and post it to instagram with hashtag #nomakeup. I dare you.

(Also post the link in the comments!)


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