Spa De Soleil is a leader in personal care full-service manufacturing, providing a wide range of health, skin care, beauty aids and cosmetics; turnkey, from start to finished product. We can bring your ideas to full fruition from design, packaging, printed carton; catalog, formulation development, product training and anything else you need to create your brand.  More to it, part of our obligation is to share in the fight on environmental stress and the eco-crisis, which is why we have transformed our plant to a USDA Organic facility under the CCOF inspection.

We also opened up a great in-house CCOF, USDA certified private label product line for spas, salons, etc. These quality products offer high performance and are environmentally friendly.

From our broad knowledge and the never ending fight against aging we have also created our premiere skincare lines.  We have under our brand O2CH and Olive Essence which are both USDA Certified Organic by the CCOF among many other certifications; and Pharmaskincare, which features nature’s most enriching botanicals, vitamins, and essential oils, in the most advanced formulas available on the market today.

Our websites:, Spa De Soleil’s Pharmaceutical, Cosmeceutical line which answers any skin care issue from youth on. These products work to target signs of external and internal stress. Pharmaskincare products are the unique result of modern biotechnology and dermatological research. Pharmaskincare products have been created to treat every aspect of problematic skin under all kinds of conditions which range from aging, UV damage, environmental assaults, stress, as well as metabolic deficiencies.  which presents many different skin care  products that have natures best and natural components; minerals from the dead sea, essential oils, vitamins, botanical extracts and more. All of which are a result of our rich and intensive knowledge and experience over 25 years in the fight against skin aging. 

For more information on Spa De Soleil please visit


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