Organic Olive Essence Facial Gel Cleanser

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Organic Facial Gel Cleanser is specially designed for all skin types and is particularly friendly to sensitive and irritated skin. Its highly concentrated blend removes excess oils and deep-set dirt from skin while maintaining the skin’s natural balance.

Organic Olive Essence Face Scrub

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The Organic Face Scrub is formulated to deliver effective skin exfoliation by gently removing skin impurities. Your skin will feel clean, refreshed and smooth.

Organic Olive Essence Hand Cream

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Help protect your hands while making them look and feel younger. This lush nutrient- rich cream is packed with natural shea butter, jojoba seed oil and healing aloe to help restore your hands to their original youthful appearance and texture.

Organic Olive Essence Gold Antioxidant DMAE

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Organic Gold Antioxidant DMAE cream contains a proprietary blend of amino acids known to increase skin integrity. Renowned for its “face-lifting” qualities, DMAE works to firm tighten and tone sagging, fatigued skin. The visible effects of DMAE Cream are quickly noticeable; research shows that DMAE helps to slow the [More …]

Organic Olive Essence Gold Facial Day Moisturizer

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This unique gentle moisturizer pampers skin with natural nourishing extracts and vitamins to promote soft smooth skin that is well hydrated. It works well on all skin types.

Organic Olive Essence Gold Facial Peel

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The Organic Gold Facial Peel is a safe superficial peel that gently penetrates the skin to help renew skin cells — for an appearance that looks relaxed and rejuvenated.

Organic Olive Essence Gold Eyelift Serum

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Olive Essence Gold Eyelift Serum blends olive juice and extracts with hydrolyzed elastin, hyaluronic acid, essential oils and plant extracts to nourish the eye area for a well-rested, refreshed look with minimized fine lines and wrinkles.

Organic Olive Essence Gold Peptide Complex

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The Organic Gold Peptide Complex Cream is an intensive formulation that works synergistically with the Olive Essence series. Its unique oxygenated delivery system facilitates a timed release distribution of its ingredients through the use of high oxygen levels in order to develop an optimum defense system against prem[More …]

Organic Gold Olive Essence Healing Nutrient

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This supple cream combines olive juice, fruit extracts and rich amino acids to help the skin recover from free-radicals and environmental stress caused by pollution, sun, malnutrition and other environmental toxins.

Organic Olive Essence Body Butter

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Feel your skin come alive as it is rescued from harsh daily irritants, such as: sun, wind, hard water, and environmental pollutants. This Organic Body Butter will revive dry, tired skin and bring it to a luxuriously soft condition much like that of silk.


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Organic Olive Essence Velvet Foot Nutrient

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The Organic Velvet Foot Nutrient is a rich, natural source of shea butter, olive oil and palm butter. Formulated for quick absorption to soothe parched feet and protect them from drying and roughness.

Organic Olive Essence Velvet Body Scrub

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Give your skin the boost it deserves with the Organic Velvet Body Scrub. Soft and gentle, this scrub removes impurities that sit on the body’s surface to reveal skin that is smooth, healthy and refreshed.



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